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Shanghai Weak Current Engineering Co., Ltd. specializes in weak electrical room construction and security monitoring projects. It has 8 years of security engineering construction experience and currently has its own brand. Security monitoring products cover: computer room construction, system integration, HD surveillance cameras, HD network hard disk video recorders, wireless bridges. , Access control system, building intercom, parking lot management system, EAS electronic commodity anti-theft system, electronic fences, public broadcasting and other fields. There are a full range of security monitoring product series. Shanghai weak electric engineering company relies on its technical team for stable security products. , Security monitoring engineering, security monitoring after-sales service, enterprises widely praised by the industry and users, as a focused security product supplier and service provider, we not only provide customers with stable products, and at the same time a dedicated attitude Customers provide face-to-face services. Shanghai villa monitoring installation, factories, communities, supermarkets, shopping malls, properties, offices, office buildings, factory buildings, warehouses, bungalows, homes, schools, kindergartens, shops, shops, chain stores.

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The security industry customer list covers: government, education, military, enterprises, pharmaceuticals, finance, chain stores and many other industries! Monitoring and installation coverage: Huangpu District, Xuhui District, Changning District, Jing'an District, Putuo District, Hongkou District, Yangpu District, Baoshan District , Minhang District, Jiading District, Pudong New District, Songjiang District, Jinshan District, Qingpu District, Fengxian District, Chongming District.

  • Enterprise installation monitoring

  • Shanghai villa, bungalow, wireless surveillance camera installation case ...

  • Shanghai Bund Villa surveillance camera installation case!

  • School wireless surveillance camera installation case!

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HD monitoring installation · machine room construction · weak current engineering

Monitoring system engineering

Shanghai installation monitoring company, 8 years of focus on security engineering design and construction maintenance, security monitoring engineering business, security first-class qualification, Hikvision Dahua channel agents, engineering after-sales service, professional team design plan quote!

Focus on monitoring engineering design, installation, technical services, wholesale monitoring equipment, various wire wholesale companies!

Weak current engineering installation

Shanghai Weak Power Co., Ltd. provides high-quality intelligent building system integration solutions, and provides products and technical services for the security industry. Guarantee service system!

Years of operation, exploration and accumulation, and its own advantages, achieved impressive results in weak electricity projects!

System integration engineering

The subsystems of intelligent building system integration include integrated wiring, building automation, telephone exchange, computer room engineering, monitoring system, burglar alarm, public broadcasting, access control system, building intercom, card, parking management, fire protection system, multimedia display system, Teleconference system!

Specializing in intelligent system integration, product sales, and engineering design and construction!

HD monitoring installation

We have many years of experience in the security monitoring industry and always provide you with professional monitoring, installation, customization and services, a long corporate culture, 10 years of focus on security monitoring, and strong technical force. Hua monitor authorized dealer!

Construction details are meticulous, monitoring installation to process guarantee, so that project quality is guaranteed!

Shanghai Monitoring Installation Company

One-stop service for planning, design, production, installation and maintenance

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We have first-level security qualification, system integration qualification, construction enterprise qualification, safety production license, credit rating certificate, quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, ISO9001: 2008 certification!

  • Security Certificate

    Security qualification certificate, security monitoring professional qualification ...

  • Member of Security Association

    Security qualification certificate, security monitoring professional qualification ...

  • General taxpayer qualification certificate

    Monitoring installation company, weak current construction, security monitoring ...

  • permission for opening bank account

    HD monitoring installation, computer room monitoring, computer room construction ...

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